You Must Know Them: Tariro Makanga

You Must Know Them

Nyari Mashayamombe – Editor in Chief

In this interview Identities Media (IM) caught up with the amazing Tariro Makanga (TM)  to catch up and learn about her life and media journey. Enjoy!

IM: Tell us about yourself.

TM: My name is Tariro Makanga. I am a trained broadcast journalist and had a special bias on radio whilst in college.

Funny enough, I only featured on radio as a guest presenter and never had my own show. Instead I went straight into television where I would say I almost became the face of HIV as I started covering the issue in its early days when stigma was still rife in our country and globally. My show started on ZTV, and moved to Joy TV and I went back to have it on ZTV when Joy TV closed.

All my media work is linked to the development sector where I worked from 1999 (I’m sure you can guess my age then). I am an International Communications Specialist, with a passion for health, sexual reproductive health, comprehensive sexuality education, gender and recently COVID-19.

I currently host The Talk with Tariro, a show that I hosted from 1999 as Youth Connection, changed to Perspectives, then Positive Talk and its current title and have moved with it to every organisation that I have worked at and would leave with it (hahaha).

I appreciate the strong relationship that I have with ZBC as I have graced their screens since when I was a young girl up to this day.

IM: What drives the work that you do?

TM: I am driven by the passion to see a difference in my community and amongst women in general.

I have always shared with my fellow women that in whatever sphere that we are in, let’s shatter that glass ceiling.

We cannot continue singing the inequality tune. Let’s demand and force ourselves to be on those platforms and tables where women usually do not occupy or are hardly invited.

Nothing will come to us on a silver platter, so it’s up to us to show up and make an impact. Success drives me and pushes me to wake up every morning and conquer the world. It’s not easy though.

IM: What do you see in the near future?

TM: The future for me, will see Tariro the business woman growing. I am looking at expanding my House of Tari brand and people should just watch the space.

I will still continue being a Communications Specialist as that’s what fulfils me. You will see I have avoided mentioning any organisation that I passed through but the organisations I have worked with and continue working with have really made me the person that I am as I continue to grow and I owe it to them all.

I am also looking at completing my Doctorate which is long overdue. I once lectured at Zimbabwe Open University in Health Reporting so I might one day dabble in that too.

IM: What are your parting words or advice?

TM: My parting shot is that we each have 24 hours in a day. There are days when I feel they are not enough.

We are now accustomed to overworking ourselves. I have had health scares due to overworking. I know work-life balance is never easy but always strive to create the ‘me time’ and find time for you, and re-connect with the inner you.

As much as we have these humongous dreams to achieve, let’s enjoy ourselves while at it. COVID-19 has taught me that life can end any second. Let’s embrace the new normal while at it.

Nyari Mashayamombe

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