1. Identities Umhlobo Zvatiri TV Show:

Coming to you every week currently on Monday at 17.30PM on ZBC TV or on DSTV Channel 280, Identities leads social, economic and political issues that affect us. Partnering with NGOs, Corporates, Embassies to lead critical dialogue. Subscribe to the You Tube Channel, follow the Show on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

2. #IdentitiesConversations

Online Conversations currently on our Facebook Page Identities Media Holdings. Every week a number conversations take place, in the moment to respond to issus that came out on the Identities Umhlobo Show as well as to lead entirely urgent conversions including those that never came out on TV. Under #IdentitiesConversations, we also carry out outside conversations that we host on behalf of clients or that we cover through our online media platforms to reach more people. Organisations hire us to host conversations on social media, or to come and cover their own activities as aMedia house. You can contact us to have us either host or cover your event.

3. This-n-That Podcast!

Through our ‘This-n-That’ Podcast, we lead conversations that affect people’s lives but without video, we provide audio. This enables those who want to listen to issues on the go whether on their phone or in their car, a chance to follow our Soul Cloud Channel or simply visit your latest episode of ‘This-n-That’ Podcast a product of Identities Media Holdings (IMH). Social issues are discussed on ‘no-holds-bared’ basis, political and economic issues are addressed and a number of hosts can carry out conversations with a number of guests. Guess can choose to use pseudo names and protect themselves. Got a juicy important issues to discuss but you want to remain anonymous? Do get in touch with us and you can tell your story while we listen!