You Must Know Them- Tanatswa Mukwacha

In this episode of You Must Know Them, Identities Media sat down with Tanatswa Mukwacha, a young creative and founder of’CollaboMe.

Identities Media; Tell us about yourself

Tanatswa Mukwacha; My name is Tanatswa Mukwacha. I am a freelance creative and founder of CollaboMe.  I have worked with big creative organizations such as Magamba Network, Zimbabwe German Society, Ignite youth organization and many more.

Collabo Me is an online platform for creatives to collaborate on projects. A project can be a song, book, architectural design, digital illustration or short video. On Collabo Me, people don’t just post their own stuff, we make things together. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, whether you’re into writing, film, music, or any other kind of art, you’ll find our community a welcoming and positive place to be your creative self. Most times a creative person needs collaborations so the point is to be creative with other people and collaborate. Some projects are funded therefore contributing artists will be paid fairly.

Together with a team of creatives we managed to develop an online platform for creatives to collaborate on projects called CollaboMe. I would like to be remembered for creating a better work environment for African digital creatives.


IDM: What drives the work that you do?

TM; I am passionate about the African creative industries hence increasing the revenue in the industry.

I started my initiative during the Covid 19 era which came with lockdowns, affecting the normal way of working. Many digital platforms came in for the general office work but nothing was ever really made for creatives. More so, upcoming creatives struggle to monetize their work hence the platform will definitely go a long way in helping.


IDM: What do you see in the near future?

TM; I see our community of creatives working digitally together and generating increased revenue.


IDM: What are your parting words or advice?

TM; Creating new products and advocating for change is sometimes difficult but with perseverance and the right partnerships you will be able achieve your goal.


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