Access To Information Boosts Agriculture Businesses For Women

By Florence Zirima (Gender reporter)

Women’s Farming Syndicate national coordinator Ms Tsitsi Valerie Machingauta says the right to access information has improved transparency and accountability in the agriculture business. In an interview with this publication this week, Ms Machingauta said due to the Freedom of Information Act, women in agriculture can now request for information that helps to boost their business.

Ms Machingauta highlighted that the Freedom of Information has helped accountability in agriculture.

“It helps us as women in farming in terms of accountability to know how much agricultural inputs have been distributed”, she said.

Machingauta revealed that women in agricultural business can now evaluate their produce.

“Freedom of Information is helping us to compare what we are doing as an organisation with other players in the field so that we level ourselves up”, said Ms Machingauta.

She also said as an organisation they are happy with this new law as they can now request for information from Agriculture Marketing Authority (AMA).

“Most of Information was blocked because of bureaucracy and we are happy we can now get to know who is exporting and such information was never on public record from AMA”, she said.

The Women’s Farming Syndicate is an agribusiness that empowers women to become self- sufficient and to create an enabling environment for women to prosper in Zimbabwe. It covers all agriculture related thermatic areas including trade, fisheries and apiculture.

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