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Nyari Mashayamombe – Editor in Chief

In this interview Identities Media (IM) caught up with Mike Tashaya (MT) to catch up and learn about his life and work abroad and here in Zimbabwe. We are excited to bring you this story. Enjoy!

IM: Tell us about yourself.

MT: My name is Muyamuri Michael Tashaya, simply known as Mike Tashaya. I am a 43 year old man based in the county of Kent in the UK.

I work in property development for the biggest estate agent in the country specialising in land acquisitions and new homes/builds within the affordable housing space. My remit being sales and marketing and helping thousands of people get on the property ladder.

I have been within the marketing and business development space for over 20 years and that has been through running my own businesses as well as working for some big companies within the UK.

I would like to be remembered as someone who brings people together for the common good and as someone who tries to engage in activities that add value to people lives every day.  I am big on community engagement activities too and participate in many whenever I can.

IM: What drives the work that you do?

TM: I am a selfless individual who is driven by the need to see accomplishments made and goals reached in whatever I do. 

My day job involves target setting every day and ultimately making as many sales as possible for the different clients we represent while at the same time helping people buy a home for the first time.

There is nothing more exciting as well as heart-warming than handing over the keys to a buyer to their new home and just seeing what it does to them. A home is the biggest purchase anyone will ever make in their life so it’s really satisfying to be involved in such moments.

This alone makes me wake up in the morning and my passion is around making sure that I am able to help as many people understand home ownership and ensuring that I give them knowledge and education around that as many don’t really understand the ins and outs of it.

IM: What do you see in the near future?

TM: I am heavily involved with community engagement events within the Zimbabwe community in the diaspora and over the years I have been involved with such events like Zimfest, Zim Achievers Awards and currently steering Zim Thrive an initiative I co founded with a good friend of mine, where we are creating a platform that allows Zimbabweans wherever they are to participate in the future of the country in any way possible.

Community engagement is something I will seek to continue doing with likeminded people so we can really be involved in rebuilding our country.

On the business front I am now working with other property developers in Zimbabwe in looking to improve housing in the country and building new homes around the country so watch this space on that front.

This is also bringing me closer to relocating back as soon as the time is right and focus on building new homes.

IM: What are your parting words or advice?

TM: To my fellow Zimbabweans all over the world let’s focus on recharging our Zimbabwean batteries and reconnecting with our identity. I feel that we have lost that core of who we are and I think we need to get it back. This in turn will help the future generations to easily identify with being Zimbabwean.

There is a whole generation of millions of Zimbabwean’s now born outside the country due to the economic migrations and hardships that have happened in the last couple of decades, we can’t allow this new generation to drift away from home, we have to find a way to keep them engaged and that falls on our generation to fully participate with this reconnection and recharging our batteries which in turn will give us a better chance of a better Zimbabwe.

Nyari Mashayamombe

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