Woman Demands Maintenance for Unborn Baby

In a rare case involving maintenance of a child, a woman demanded $200 maintenance for the upkeep of her unborn baby. Blessing Samutsa approached the Civil Courts claiming maintenance for an unborn child citing that she wanted to plan ahead for the upkeep of the child. 

“I want $200 maintenance for the welfare of our unborn baby from Tinomuda Chekuda since the pregnancy is almost due.

“I want the money to buy essentials for the child as I want enough time to plan my future together with that of the baby.

“I also need money to buy fruits for myself and money to buy mediation for the baby,” said Samutsa.

When asked to respond to the charges, Chekuda let the cat out of the bag that Samutsa was lying that the pregnancy was due; It was just four months old therefore he refused to pay the needed money for upkeep.

He also told the court that he was not sure if the mother could keep the pregnancy for she once mentioned that she wanted to terminate the pregnancy.

Chekuda argued, “I cannot pay the money she needs for the upkeep of the unborn baby because I am not sure if she can keep the pregnancy because at one time she mentioned abortion. She also refused to name the child before birth so why is she claiming maintenance?”

However, the presiding magistrate, Mrs Sheila Nzombe remanded the matter for ruling and advised Samutsa to bring the maternity card.

Meanwhile, a Harare woman approached the Civil Courts praying for a protection order following incessant bashings from her husband. She described him as violent and abusive. 

Appearing before magistrate, Nyasha Marufu, Tinashe Mbaye begged the court to protect her from her abusive husband; Denford Ranga whom she alleged was in the habit of assaulting her accusing her of having an extra marital affair with her boss.

She moved out of their matrimonial home two months ago fleeing the abuse.

“I am tired of Ranga’s violent behaviour, Your Worship. He assaults me sometimes for no apparent reasons and I decided to move out of our matrimonial home because of the way he was treating me.

“He would assault me accusing me of having an affair with my boss and by then I never reported because I thought as my husband we could find a way to solve our differences but to no avail.

“He is in the habit of assaulting me Your Worship and I am now tired therefore I now need the law to protect me,” said Mbaye

“We are legally married but  as of now and the abuse I have suffered at the hands of this man I no longer want to see him again.

“This man threatens my peace even though we are legally married I don’t want to see him again,” said Mbaye.

Asked to respond to the allegations which were levelled against him, Ranga disputed the allegations and went on to tell the court that she was lying and that he was the one who divorced her because she was the source of his bad luck.

“This woman is lying to the courts because I am the one who broke up with her after discovering that she was the source of my bad luck in everything,” said Ranga.

However, the presiding magistrate granted the order in favour of Mbaye barring Ranga from any violent acts to his ex-girlfriend.

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