NANGO NGO Expo 2019 gathers momentum

By Letwin Mubonesi

The National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (NANGO) expo , has started on a high note in Harare yesterday, at Zimbabwe International Book Fair, with a number of exhibitors showcasing their products .

The three day event is running under the theme “Inclusive spaces and partnerships for improved legitimacy, public accountability, transparency and effective development”. 

NANGO which was founded in 1962 is a non-political party, non-profit making organisation and a non-denominational official coordinating body of NGOs in Zimbabwe.

It was founded as a welfare of organizations under the name of Southern Rhodesia Council of Social Services predominantly for social welfare organizations.

The Non-Governmental Organization Expo, hosted annually by NANGO, is a premier event where Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Zimbabwe come together to showcase their initiatives through exhibition, knowledge sharing and social efforts.

The Expo attracts close to 100 NGOs across Zimbabwe has recently witnessed an increased interest from the private sector, Independent Commissions and government departments to exhibit alongside NGOs.

The Expo is the only platform in the country and in the SADC region that brings together NGOs to exhibit innovative solutions, best practices and create opportunities for knowledge sharing.

NANGO creates a multi-stakeholder platform where government, Independent Commissions and the private sector meet and share experiences as well as ideas for integrated development.

“Inclusive integrated participation can be understood as the joint sustained and concerted actions of policy makers, non-state actors and communities that promote the standard of living as well as economic health of a country thereby bringing peace and justice in communities.

“It therefore follows the progressive realization of this inclusive integrated participation should not only be hinged in the efforts of government alone as the custodian of the economy but on a combination of multi-stakeholder efforts in development”, said NANGO.

Posting on NANGO website, “The 2019 NGO Expo provides an opportunity to both state and non-state actors to identify gaps and opportunities for inclusive integrated development.

It also provides a platform for exhibitors to interface with the general public thus promoting better understanding of the needs of local constituencies.

“It is therefore envisaged that the discussions and consultations during the three-day exhibition will provide a foundation for a better understanding of people’s rights, and responsibilities as well as sharing knowledge on sustainable livelihoods through skills transfer”, NANGO explained.

Moreover, NANGO is expecting that by the end of the Expo there should be an increased in understanding by the public to know the role of NGOs, private sector, and Government in inclusive integrated development and a framework for multi-stakeholder collaboration and coordination developments in place.

They also expect an improvement in public social accountability, transparency as well as service delivery.

There are several exhibitors that will be showcasing their products and Identities Media Holdings is among the exhibitors and is also a proud media company partnering with NANGO.

Several organisations which were part of the exhibitions includes MyCash, Zimbabwe Coalition of Debt and Development (ZIMCODD), For Youths by youths, Zimbabwe National Children Welfare Coalition, Zimnat, Legal Resources Foundation, ZICHIRE- BC, Katswe sisterhood, ZFU and many more.

Meanwhile, the event is running from 19-21 September 2019.

Nyari Mashayamombe

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