No to command mourning: MDC

By Edward Makuzva

MDC Youth Assembly notes with shock and disdain at how President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime prioritize the dead over the living.

In a statement released by the Youth Assembly on Tuesday, it has been a free fall galore with prices hitting the roof and electricity blackouts, water shortages, poverty and abuse of human rights reigning supreme under the leader of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s watch.

The statement added that Mnangagwa’s immeasurable love for dead over the living boggles the mind and at one point he chose to fly one person (Grace Mugabe) on a 3 million luxurious jet just to mourn her mother while the nation is plagued by a devastating economic crisis hitting the country at large..

“Then enter Oliver Mutukudzi’s death, one of the super star and music icon of Zimbabwe and all the political drama that ensued as Mnangagwa tried so hard to control funeral proceedings in a bid to please the dead over the living”!

“So insatiable is his desire to care for dead that he could not stomach any maneuvers by his political rival, Nelson Chamisa to be near the funeral procession of the iconic musician”.

“True to his form, the poverty stricken and long suffering Zimbabweans woke up to disgusting news Mr Mnangagwa has declared 7 days to force Zimbabweans to mourn the death of the very same man who authored their misery and poverty”.

“As a generation that was born in abject poverty authored and sculptured by Robert Mugabe and perfected by his henchmen, Emmerson Mnangagwa surely it will be an insult to be forced to mourn one of our detractors” reads the statement”.

The statement highlighted that this is a man who laid a deleterious foundation that still threatens to wipe out the entire generation and we are still grappling with the ripple effects of his 37 years in power like unemployment, poverty and shrinking democratic space.

Mnangagwa is neither a saint too, for he was and is still part of the establishment whose sole purpose at the echelons of power has nothing whatsoever to do with upgrading ordinary citizens’ lives but to pursue parochial interests.

“As a generation that has been adversely affected by both Mugabe and Mnangagwa‘s administration, we see no reason why we must be forced to mourn the former for 7 days”.

“Instead, it is our resolve that we would rather mourn the death and dearth of democratic space, good standard of living and basic commodities for the upcoming 7 days”.

Meanwhile, the MDC party in Zimbabwe said it has postponed its 20th-anniversary celebrations due this weekend following the death of Robert Mugabe.

MDC President Nelson Chamisa said it was un-African for some to celebrate while others were mourning.

Chamisa has told a media conference yesterday that his party’s 20th-anniversary celebrations due this Saturday, have been postponed to the end of the month.

Saturday is the day that’s been set for Mugabe’s funeral service and Chamisa said the MDC want to give dignity and honour to the dead.

“ Because MDC is the leading opposition party, it is going to join the rest of the opposition parties to mourn former president Robert Mugabe”, Chamisa explained.

Nelson Chamisa, MDCA President

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